Locus Traxx is a tracking system wireless reports the temperature, security and location of shipments on the road. Our OverSight system delivers real-time Intelligent Alerts text and emails based on the incoming shipment data. These timely alerts make sure shipment damage, theft or tampering can be prevented. All shipment data is also available online as intelligent maps, interactive graphs, cusomizable reports or one-click downloads.

About Company

Locus Traxx is a company which will provide the customers ship without fear by giving them the real-time shipment information and tools they need to deliver the freshest and safest food possible.

They will provide the security for the shipments by taking the Temperature and GPS locatoin for every 5 sec, and if any problem occured like,

  • Temperature variation
  • Shipment Security
  • Changing trip route etc…

Immediately they will alter the customer with proper problem. By this customer no need to worry about their shipment and Goods in shipment.

It will send the alerts to customer when the shipment is started and crossed checkpoints and reaching the destination or for any problem.

HTS Provided the software for their product,

We provided the fully secured, robust, integrated and good looking interface for that product. We used latest technology for their latest hard ware to getting accurate results. We included lot of features like

  • Maintaing the security, Temperature and GPS for every 5 seconds.
  • Automatic problem detection.
  • GPS for tracking the vechicle.
  • Total Trip road details using Google Maps.
  • Checkpoint fecility for the trip.
  • Total Trip report on single click.
  • Sending Messages to the customer atuomatically.
  • Sending Mails to the customer atuomatically.

We delevered a fully tested and hi secured software to the Locus Traxx.

Locus Traxx Vehicle Monitoring

Locus Traxx Vehicle Monitoring

Locus Traxx Vehicle Track

Locus Traxx Vehicle Track