Who we are


Hyper Thread Solutions was formed when a group of professionals from the enterprise solutions domain in India, got together in order to take Business Operations Optimization, Client delivery and Services to the Next Level, thereby implementing the Worlds Best Practices along with the best in technology and providing Service Solutions to Customers seeking to excel, grow and becoming the Best in Class.

We offer customized IT Solutions for all firms, in Service domain to be able to optimize and consolidate their operations and manage more, better, at lower costs and higher efficiency. The solutions have been tried and tested in various verticals such as Telecom and Customer Service.

Hyper Thread Solutions , is a premier provider of Information Technology services and solutions offering the highest overall value and customer satisfaction in the industry. Our technology experts offer you full spectrum Business Consulting, Development, E-Learning. In addition to our core IT service offerings; Hyper Thread Solutions has domain expertise in Development of different types of latest technologies and Consulting Services. We believe that through a close-working relationship with our clients we are able to clearly identify areas for improvement. We also add simplicity, efficiency, and organization into what can otherwise be a very complex world of technology. We consistently delivers valuable time, cost and quality advantages from our multi-location global delivery centers to many Fortune customers. This enables them to be more competitive, operate with optimal efficiency and achieve their desired results. We utilize our strengths of technology expertise, superior project management, industry domain knowledge and rapid delivery to achieve your desired results. We delivers a reliable work product tested by experienced staff and ready for implementation.

Our Mission:

We strive hard to:

  • Deliver / Enable Cost efficiencies, impact the bottom line.
  • Deliver / Enable Productivity enhancements, increase the top line.
  • Deliver/ Enable Quality and consistency of performance.
  • Enable Innovation, process improvement and the growth of business oriented, people DNA.
  • Deliver/ Enable Risk mitigation – Control and review systems and compliance.
  • Deliver / Enable Scale – Integration of process and technology and standardization.
Our Vision
To become most preferred solution provider to small & medium enterprises
Our Values
  1. Customer Centric

  2. Encourage Innovation

  3. Integrity – being honest

  4. Teaching Passion

  5. Encourage Knowledge Sharing

  6. Promote Equal Opportunity

Our Services